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5 Fitness Industry Myths: DEBUNKED!

Greetings my lovely readers. Ever felt like you were striding to be healthier and more fit, but just couldn’t seem to progress past a certain point? Ever wonder if you’re implementing the right habits to lose weight or tone up? Wouldn’t you like to know ...

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3 Ingredient Easiest Paleo Gluten Free Recipe

Hey Paleo fans, this one is for you. Looking for a simple, yet amazing dish to spice up your entree? Need a dish to bring to a barbecue or potluck? Trying to stay faithful to your Paleo and/or Gluten Free diet and want something delicious? Look no further! Whip together t...

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The Sneaky Culprit that is Sabotaging Your Health

It lurks, under the dark veil of your cupboard, eyeballing your health. Awaiting its next victim, it lies patiently on your counter top. And the harsh reality is, not even the strongest of us can resist its lure at times. What is this beast, you may ask? It isn’t a ...