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1 Minute Indulgent Protein Recipe For Athletes On The Go

Most people who I know that are into fitness have tight schedules. Constantly being on the go makes eating clean a struggle. With loads of junk foods to tempt our always hungry bellies, it’s so hard to stay on track! Thus, I have created a high protein recipe that y...

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DIY Natural Stretch Mark Remedy

Hello gorgeous! So you find yourself here because, like me, you’re down to try anything to get rid of those pesky stretch marks. My stripes first appeared when I was in high school, and if you’re like most girls (or guys!), that’s the case for you too. M...

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Purify Your Home With This 1 Ancient Item

Ever feel like the energy in your room, house, or office was off? Have you been getting sick more than usual? Are you plagued by allergies, stress, fatigue, or insomnia? Or do you just want your room to have a happier, more peaceful vibe? Well hold onto your britches, bec...

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How to Become Bootylicious: A Glute Specific Tutorial

These days, a nice derriere is all the rage. Butt (I’m just getting started with the puns), how does one achieve such size and roundness? I’ll tell you how: by growing your booty (glute) muscles. Doing this will give your backside a lovely, full shape. Yay! An...

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Delicious High Protein Mac ‘n Cheese

Sticking with a strict(-ish) diet is tough. We all get to craving comfort food, but NOBODY wants the guilt that accompanies it. One comfort food that most every human ever absolutely loves is Mac ‘n Cheese (seriously, think of someone who doesn’t like it). So,...

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DIY All Natural Self-Tanning Lotion

Summer is juuuust around the corner! If you’re like me, you: Don’t quite have your tan built up yet. Don’t want to kill your skin and get wrinkles from baking for hours in the sun. Don’t want to go develop skin cancer at a tanning booth. Don’...

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6 Supplements That Will Keep You Strong and Beautiful

Ever walk into a vitamin shop, gaze at the endless shelves of supplements and think: what in the world am I looking at? If you have found yourself completely bewildered by the countless brands of supplements lining the walls (and to be honest, I have at one point too), lo...

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12 Secrets to Flawless Skin

Skin care. Most of you are probably lost and mislead on this topic. Whether you’re a 16 year old, pubescent teen, or a 55 year old who is battling time, you’ve come to the right page. This one is for all of the friends and acquaintances who have marveled and asked me over...

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14 Things to Eat to Cure Period Pains

Sorry gentlemen, this is a ladies post. Suddenly struck with a heat flash, your stomach tightens, and a wave of nausea crashes into you. Aunt Flow just rolled back into town, and she’s here to plague you for the next few days. Aw, crap. Get out the heating pad! Befo...

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DIY Cellulite Remedy

You know what? We are all human. Even the most fit of us can be prone to cellulite & for most, it’s not desirable. In fact, dermatologists say that cellulite may affect up to 90% of women at some point in their lives. You’re not alone. Is it curable? Absol...