Hey Bohemians,

Are you ready to find out how the trial went? If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to read part 1 here.

Again, another tremendous THANK YOU to my specimen (and speciwomen!). I couldn’t have tested this theory without you!

I have chosen only 1 person from each blood type to highlight in this report, though all of them experienced the same type and degree of change. Not “picking and choosing” data, just trying to keep things concise.

Alright, people, let’s see the results!

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The 4 Specimen

For an entire week, a group of healthy individuals under the age of 30, on minimal medication, and in good physical health all underwent this test.

They were all put on the same fitness program, written by yours truly. They each ate according to their blood type, adding and eliminating the corresponding foods and supplements. They were hoping for change, but overall skeptical to see improvements.

Each of them vlogged daily and posted to a Facebook group I made specifically for this experiment. Let me just say – it was awesome hearing from them everyday!

They also kept daily exercise, water, and meal logs. I spoke with them on a daily basis, and they encouraged each other in the group.

Below are the 4 specimen from the 12 that I have chosen to highlight. They weren’t selected as example for any reason other than the fact that they submitted their diet log to me first :).

blood type diet experiment

As you can see, they are all close in age and regularly active. BUT, their diets before the trial vary in quality, and of course, their blood types are all different.

I also wanted to mention that, just by circumstance, Mr. Type B “the nomad” was traveling during this entire trial. How fitting!

There are also vlogs that I will most likely publish to Facebook.

The Results

blood type diet experiment

Here’s what they had to say about the trial.

Specimen AB:  

I found the elimination of caffeine and alcohol to be constructive to my overall mood and well-being in the latter half of the week. At first I was very moody because most of my supplements contained caffeine (protein, pre-workout, etc.), but after Day 3 I was never moody again.

In the last few months it’s been a goal of mine to get my alcohol consumption to less than once a week. This experiment really helped me and gave me a lot of impulse control when going out with my friends and I learned I don’t need to drink if my friends are drinking. I’ve felt almost a pressure to drink if I’m around my friends and they are drinking but I’ve learned the power of the word “No” and all of my friends have respected my wishes.

Going back to caffeine, I will try to drink less of it by going for decaffeinated black and green teas in the morning but I’m content with my protein and pre-workout currently. This experiment has inspired me to try out a caffeine free pre-workout and protein next time I run out though.

Specimen B:

I felt the test had some small noticeable effect on my overall health due to the short period of time and due to my driving vacation. I ate carefully, trying to avoid what was on my avoid list for Blood Type B which was the most difficult part of the week trial.

I definetly will do this trial again soon for a longer period of time to see better results.

Specimen A: 

Overall, I had a really great experience with this trial. I could expand my diet and rely on new foods for protein. What I liked most about the whole thing was integrating more fruits and vegetables to my diet. It has taught me that I like more foods than just meat and potatoes, and they should be eaten more than just a handful of times a year (my diet was so sad before this).

What I liked the least was my time management during my days at work to try and get the work out in. I’m exhausted after a 13-hour shift, and having to go home, change, and head to the gym was a struggle for me. Also, I don’t think my body likes lentils very much. After a couple of bites, my throat got itchy so I stopped eating them.

My starting weight was 198 lbs, and this morning (Sunday) it was 196. Although I didn’t lose a lot of weight on the scale, I feel like my stomach has shrunk and gotten flatter. I feel strong and energized. My mood and confidence spiked during this week, so I’m going to account that for my body thanking me for taking care of it the way I did.

After this week is over, I don’t think I’ll stay vegetarian, but instead will eat meat sparingly plus continue to integrate fruits and vegetables with every meal. I also really love the whole 7-grain bread I found for my sandwiches this week, so that will stay.

Thank you for this opportunity and guiding us this week!

Specimen O:

I was a fan of not eating dairy for a while because I didn’t realize how much my body doesn’t really need it. I felt lighter and less bloated. I always love chicken and steak but it was cool to venture into other seafood as well as meat like lamb.
Eating healthier snack throughout my long 11 hour shift days made me feel better at the end of it. Instead of just chips and candy the fruit made me feel better and the habit of drinking more water is always helpful.
I love working out and if I could go to the gym as long as I want and not have to work I would! I live for leg day and arms. Didn’t hate much even though I craved carbs but now I know that I can eat them sparingly in small portions when I do.
Thank you so much this experiment gave the motivation I couldn’t really give myself. Sometimes you always tell yourself “I’ll start Monday” but keep stalling, but this really helped and gave me a purpose and I liked sharing the stories and listening.
And I’m also now under 160 so for me that is such a huge accomplishment. 🙂
blood type diet experiment

As you may have gathered, that means that this hypothesis is incredibly plausible! It was a struggle for most of them at first, but after a few days, they adjusted.

What’s more amazing is what happened once they resumed their normal diets while continuing my fitness plan.

Specimen A, who regularly at meat but had to give it up for this trial, reported that resuming meat consumption made her stomach upset and bloated.

Day one back on meat: SO much bloating. And I didn’t even have that much!

Specimen O loved her results so much that she has decided to continue the diet as her new normal!

I plan on continuing this, meal prepping and adding new workouts and continuing with water intake. Hopefully I can get my boyfriend into it too!

They are all feeling healthier, more energized, less grumpy, sleeping better, and losing unwanted weight. All that they changed was the addition and omission of certain foods according to their blood type.

I’d say this data and overwhelming enthusiasm from the specimen deem this experiment a success.

The Experimentation Continuation

Catchy title, right?^

Because of the amazing success that all of the guys and gals experienced while undergoing the trial, I have to say that my hypothesis was most likely correct.

I cannot say *as a scientist* that these results are provable, despite the obvious positive results. While I do have some data, I do not have any blood tests. BUT, I really want to have a full, all encompassing clinical trial done on this. I think we may be on to something, people!

Therefore, I will be in contact with several universities to try and get some Masters or PhD student in exercise science (or related). I think this would make an excellent thesis topic.

blood type diet experiment

So, there you have it! The Blood Type Diet Experiment. There remain a slew of vlogs that will remain in reserve.

Tell me, reader, what’s your blood type?

Until next time, stay WILD!