Blissful Bohemian’s ultimate goal is to provide you with quality, insightful, helpful posts about all things health, while keeping in mind your busy schedule. Too many of us are caught up in our every day grind, and begin to neglect our health on all fronts: mental, physical, emotional. We aim to allow even the busiest of people to gain awareness of small, but overall significant changes that they can make to improve their health, and therefore quality of life. If even one person’s life has been improved via the content of Blissful Bohemian’s posts, then our purpose has been fulfilled.

Our approach to total health is in our name. Blissful: happy, joyous, enchanted, euphoric, heavenly; Bohemian: nonconformist, free spirit. We believe that the natural approach is most often the best. That’s why you will never find anything that is harmful for your body or the environment such as: crash diets, chemical-laden beauty products, or unsafe workout regimens in a BB post.

At Blissful Bohemian, the focus of our beauty regime is a solid, strong foundation. Without this well-built and nurtured foundation, nothing built upon it would last. Therefore, you will find a large emphasis on skin/hair care and diet, to target where it all begins. A bunch of makeup can only do so much if you’re destroying your complexion with junk food, harsh chemicals, and poor skin care routine, right?

We hope that you will find value in our posts, and will *finally* have the time and guidance to start being your best self.


       All posts on fitness are written by an AFAA certified personal trainer.