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Everything You Need to Know About Macros

Hey there, Bohemians! Have you ever heard the word “macro” before? Is it a little monster that lives in your closet and makes your clothes tighter? No, silly! That’s a calorie. But while we’re talking about calories, it’s important to know th...

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Thinking of Inking? Check Out These Sensational Tattoo Ink Alternatives

Hey Bohemians, Are you thinking of getting a tattoo soon? Do you already have one? Or 5? Or 10? Statistics point at a resounding YES! And to you, I say: Right on. But did you know that sometimes harsh chemicals in the ink that’s deposited in your skin can cause a sl...

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Products I Love

7 Marvelous Organic Skin Care Products You’re Going to Love

Hey there, Bohemians! I recently came across this brand, and I am OBSESSED with their daily facial skin care products. I contacted them, and they *so graciously* sent me a slew of products to try out. All products are plant-based, designed to get acne at bay and skin mois...

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Does Your Blood Type Determine Your Ideal Diet? Part 2

Hey Bohemians, Are you ready to find out how the trial went? If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to read part 1 here. Again, another tremendous THANK YOU to my specimen (and speciwomen!). I couldn’t have tested this theory without you! I have ch...

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Does Your Blood Type Determine Your Ideal Diet? Part 1

Greetings Bohemians! I’m so excited to share with you that Blissful Bohemian is conducting its first ever EXPERIMENT! I am a scientist, after all. After you read this, get part 2 here. I want to say a special and very warm thank you to all of my *ahem* specimen (and...

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Natural Toothpaste With Special Whitening Ingredient

Hello my Lovelies, I’ve got some questions! Are you… Tired of the same toothpaste you’ve been using since you were 5? Wanting to brighten your smile in just days without breaking the bank? In love with the environment, animals, natural products, and char...

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10 Comfort Foods REMADE To Be Healthy

All the gooey goodness and comfort with none of the guilt. What a dream. It’s always important to listen to our bodies, because they tell us when they’re in need of something. An example of this: you may crave chocolate when lacking in magnesium. Click here to...

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How To Pick And Join The RIGHT Gym

We all want that one place where we can go to even when everything else in our life has gone to crap. I can’t think of anything more constructive to do when you’re upset than to kick your own ass at the gym. Not only do the post-workout endorphins make you fee...

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How To Speak The Languages of Love

Why don’t they get it!? You want your significant other to hang out with you more, spend more time talking with you, and do more things with you. Yet, all they do is buy you flowers  in hopes of gaining your favor. Flowers are nice and all, but they’re just no...

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DIY Dark Under Eye Circle Remedy

Anyone else wake up looking like a zombie? Sometimes the shadows in the hollow under my eye were so dark, I looked like a skeleton. I know I did, until I made this stellar remedy. Naturally, I did some research and found some awesome ingredients with qualities that are go...