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How To Pick And Join The RIGHT Gym

We all want that one place where we can go to even when everything else in our life has gone to crap. I can’t think of anything more constructive to do when you’re upset than to kick your own ass at the gym. Not only do the post-workout endorphins make you fee...

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How To Speak The Languages of Love

Why don’t they get it!? You want your significant other to hang out with you more, spend more time talking with you, and do more things with you. Yet, all they do is buy you flowers  in hopes of gaining your favor. Flowers are nice and all, but they’re just no...

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DIY Dark Under Eye Circle Remedy

Anyone else wake up looking like a zombie? Sometimes the shadows in the hollow under my eye were so dark, I looked like a skeleton. I know I did, until I made this stellar remedy. Naturally, I did some research and found some awesome ingredients with qualities that are go...

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Restore Your Muscles With These Delightful Zero Calorie Sugar Free Popsicles

What’s better in the summertime than ice-cold popsicles? Unfortunately, most brands of popsicles are loaded with nothing but sugar. If you’re trying to lose weight or eat a healthy diet, sugar is the enemy. BUT! If you want a refreshing, sugar free, zero calor...

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DIY Blackhead Remedy For People With Sensitive Skin

So, you’re ready to kick your blackhead plague to the curb. You and everyone else! Nobody wants their face speckled with these gross black dots. But, what exactly are blackheads, and why do we get them? In this tutorial, learn: What blackheads are The harsh, yucky c...

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Who Do You Love The Most? A Guide To Why Your Relationships Are Failing.

Hello my beautiful readers, Today, I am creating a new category besides health, fitness, beauty and food.  A brilliant English teacher I once had told me to write about what I know. And there’s something else that I know about just as well. My whole life, I’ve...

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The Only Exercise You Need To Be Sexy

What’s up awesome people? So you probably clicked on this article because you want to know the secret: “What do I need to do to be sexy?? Tell me!!!” And here I am, writing to inform you. But first, let’s get 2 things straight. 1 – you are on...

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1 Minute Indulgent Protein Recipe For Athletes On The Go

Most people who I know that are into fitness have tight schedules. Constantly being on the go makes eating clean a struggle. With loads of junk foods to tempt our always hungry bellies, it’s so hard to stay on track! Thus, I have created a high protein recipe that y...

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DIY Natural Stretch Mark Remedy

Hello gorgeous! So you find yourself here because, like me, you’re down to try anything to get rid of those pesky stretch marks. My stripes first appeared when I was in high school, and if you’re like most girls (or guys!), that’s the case for you too. M...

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Purify Your Home With This 1 Ancient Item

Ever feel like the energy in your room, house, or office was off? Have you been getting sick more than usual? Are you plagued by allergies, stress, fatigue, or insomnia? Or do you just want your room to have a happier, more peaceful vibe? Well hold onto your britches, bec...